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#1 Cement Pot $100.00#2 Pot $35.00#3 Cement Pots $55.00 the set#4 Cast Iron urn $40.00
#5 Cast iron urn $40.00#6 Iron pot $35.00 SOLD#7 Cast iron Urns $450.00#8 Set of urns $600.00
#9 Set of cast iron urns $1200.00#10 Set of cast iron urns $450.00#11 Tall cast iron urns. $1800.00 the pair#12 cast iron urn $275.00
#13 Cast iron urn on pedestal $350.00#14 cast  urn $60.00#15 Cast iron urns on pedestal $1250.00 the set#16 Cast iron urns on pedestals $1250.00 The Set
#17 Cast iron Sherubs holding urns $350.00 SOLD#18 Large cast iron urns $5000.00 The Set
Outdoor Decor!
(we have lots of items on the grounds, more than pictured!)
Most  of our outdoor decor is made out of cast iron. You can be sure it will last for many many years.
If there is something you are looking for and you don't see it here then come visit us at our location or call. This selection is only a portion of what we have.
please click on image for a larger view
 Our specialty is customer satifaction, let us know what you are looking for.  
CALL 973 786-6384 
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